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If Your Buds Shrivel, Add More Fertilizer - Mark J Holland - NLP Mind Coach

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”
- Japanese proverb

Like any program, there may come a point in your quest to harness the power of positive thinking when you begin to backslide. If your situation becomes extraordinarily difficult, you may be tempted to stop using positive thinking altogether. However, this is absolutely the worst thing you can do.

“Most people achieve their greatest successes one step beyond what looked like their greatest failure.”
- Brian Tracy

Hang in there! Remember that the more changes you are trying to make in your life, the harder you will have to work at positive thinking to make them. It will get easier. The best thing you can do if you feel you’re starting to lose ground is to keep thinking positively. Today we will discuss things to keep in mind to help you through the rough patches.

When the Door Closes, Go Out the Window

The goals you’ve set for yourself are worth achieving. If you continually run up against obstacles that seem insurmountable, you may be approaching your objectives in the wrong way. There is always a solution to every problem; it just may not be what you expected.

Step back from your situation and try to look at the big picture. Are you throwing yourself repeatedly into a brick wall? If so, maybe instead of trying to burst through the opposition, you could try going around or climbing over it.
One example might be attempting to change jobs. Have you been putting your resume in at every available company, only to be turned down or told there were no positions open? In this case, you might think about your career as a whole.

Your current job may be a little too high-stress for your long-term satisfaction.

Are you truly satisfied doing what you’re doing? If you are, perhaps there are similar jobs in other industries you could look into. If not, you may want to consider abandoning your search for the same job at a different company and start training yourself for a whole new career. It’s never too late to start doing what you love, and those brick walls may be telling you that the path you’re trying to follow is not the right one for you.
Buried Alive: What to Do When Your Mountain Crumbles

Tragedy can strike any one of us at any time. Life is precarious and unpredictable, and there are any number of events that can trigger a major life change. Company layoffs, a sudden and unexpected move, a crippling accident, or the loss of a loved one can devastate the most carefully laid plans.

If a major trauma occurs in your life while you are trying to pull everything together, the first thing you should do is take some time for yourself. If you attempt to keep going as though everything is fine and nothing has changed, you will end up burying emotions that will come back to haunt you. Buried pain can poison your mental garden as effectively as arsenic-laced groundwater. It is essential to properly mourn major losses in life, if only so you can fully realize what is missing and learn to compensate for it.

When enough time has passed to allow you to view the situation with more objectivity, review the traumatic event using the lens of positive thinking. What was the bright side of the situation? Were there any lessons to be learned from it? How did the event change you, and can you use that change to become a stronger, more confident person?

Facing tragedy when it occurs is an essential step in your ability to persevere during rough times. You don’t have to hide from tragedy- but you also don’t have to let it crush your spirit and sap your energy. Mourn your losses when they occur, but develop the ability to discern when it’s time to move on.

Using Your Lifelines

Do you have a support network? When your good intentions start to slide off your path to success, it is helpful to have friends and family you can turn to and share your troubles with. Hearing words of encouragement, especially from people who know what you’re trying to accomplish, can provide you with the impetus you need to keep going, even when a bend in your tunnel prevents you from seeing the light at the end.

You should also be able to call on yourself and your own reserves of energy to carry you through difficult times. If you made a contract with yourself to reach a certain goal, go back and review it. Have you stuck to your original intentions, or have you drifted away from your success blueprint? One advantage to having a detailed plan to reach your goals is the ability to go back and figure out where you were led astray, and retrace your steps so you can return to your intentions. If you’ve discovered along the way that your goals have changed, you can map out a new path and start at the beginning.

Have you been keeping your journal? If you start to lose faith in the power of positive thinking, try looking back and reflecting on all that you have accomplished so far. Even if things are hard for you right now, you should have already proven to yourself that positive thinking works fairly well for being a bunch of crap. Don’t be afraid to pile on a new load of fertilizer when your first crop doesn’t make it all the way.

Whether you’ve had a few false starts or discovered your natural green thumb, you should soon be well on your way to the harvest, which is the realization of everything you want out of life. Your tender shoots will develop into sturdy plants; able to weather the worst storms life manages to send your way. You are about to see the first blossoms of your efforts, bursting from the melting crust of your former self like daisies in the spring.

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