Thursday, December 4, 2008

Procrastinating Procrastination - Mark J Holland - Motivation one Day at a time.

Procrastinating Procrastination Today you will discover a tool that will help you to remove the procrastination habit out of your life and start moving forward in the achievement of exactly what you need to accomplish in your life now 1. Uncover your Undesired State 2. Create your Desired State 3. Swish the undesired state away 4. And replace it with the new desired state Now it is encouraged to repeat this process at least 7 10 times to help change your neurology to the new desired state. Discover things about yourself that will start your transformation toward understanding exactly what you need to do to begin the journey of self discovery and ultimate success in your life. Do you need help in the following areas? Anxiety, Depression, Self-Help, Stop/Quit Smoking, Confidence, Marriage, Hypnosis, Mental Health, Self-Esteem, Anger management, Insomnia, Happiness, Positive thinking, Success, Fear, Motivation, Weight Loss This program is for you Why an NLP Coach? Three reasons why we need an NLP Coach? 1. An NLP Coach can give you perspective as often we can be too close to see things objectively. 2. An NLP Coach will help fill the gaps of our ignorance and will simplify the process, guide us through the complicated parts, help us avoid the pitfalls and warn us against the dangers. 3. An NLP coach gives us patience in learning any new skill there is a learning curve and with the help of a coach you will discover the power of patience as we struggle through failure to achieve mastery. Remember there is no synergy on your own, it takes at least two, and most successful people have coaches. They recognise the need to have a coach as it is part of their leverage; you are only as powerful as your coach. If you were to think back over your life you may notice that you have had a number of coaches. Who was the biggest influence in your life and what was the learnings you discovered? As you think back to that time, what has been the positive learnings you have experienced in your life up until now? Studies on the benefits of personal coaching have found that personal coaching has helped people in the following ways: Increased self-awareness (68%) Improved goal setting (67%) Live a more balanced life (61%) Lower stress levels (57%) Increased self-confidence (52%) Enhanced communication skills (40%) Improved project completion (36%) Better relationships at work (33%) Fuller family relationships (33%) Ability to enjoy life more (32%) Career Advancement (24%) Anxiety Depression Self-Help Stop/Quit Smoking Confidence Marriage Hypnosis Mental Health Self-Esteem Anger management Insomnia Happiness Positive thinking Success Fear Motivation Weight Loss Imagine achieving every important Goal you have ever set in your life Easier, Faster and more enjoyable than you every thought possible Imagine creating a steadfast belief in yourself and the ability to create the results you desire in your life. What would you accomplish? Imagine you could create an incredible life of financial wealth. Create change and make it last Helping you create radical transformation, helping you transform your Physical, Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Life. Take control of the most important asset you have in your lifethe power of your mind.

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