Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Radiant are Your Relationships?

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” - George Moore

Relationships are essential to us all; both our relationships to others and to ourselves. Our relationships define and emphasize who we are, and our ability to relate to others is directly proportional to the manner in which we relate to ourselves. Perception being projection, the world we see is a reflection of our internal world, by changing the way we think; we change our world and our relationships. Utilizing what we truly want in our relationships allows us to experience them to the fullest capacity and become infused with love and compassion.

Positive thinking and thinking about what we truly want, expands, improves and strengthens our relationships. It also allows us to create new relationships and reap the benefits of involvement with others without allowing negativity to taint our lives. Some of the ways changing our thinking can benefit relationships:

Increased trust: In positive thinking, one of the negative practices you will be dismissing is the tendency to lie to yourself. This will automatically crush your tendency to lie to others. When you put forth trust, you receive trust in return; when you trust yourself, those who care about you will place their trust in you as well.

Fewer arguments: You will find that your arguments lessen in both frequency and intensity as you progress with changing your thinking and thinking positive. Generally, this is because not so many things will bother you, and you will be able to practice forgiveness more often. If you argue frequently with your spouse, your children, other family members or close friends, look forward to a sharp decrease in yelling when you practice thinking in a new and positive way.

Improved communication: When you understand yourself, your goals and your priorities, you will be able to articulate your desires more fully. This will lead to better communication, which is the key to any successful relationship. By clearly stating visually, auditory or through your feelings what you are trying to get across, you will automatically encourage others to be straightforward and clear-thinking as well. Your new ability to describe your feelings and motivations may even surprise yourself!

More understanding: This benefit builds on improved communication. When you are able to explain why you agree or disagree with a certain issue, it will be easier to convince others regarding your point of view- or at least help them see, hear of feel why you are entitled to your opinions. Understanding promotes stronger bonds and less friction in a relationship, and allows both sides of the equation to relax.

Better sex: Yes, really. The use of thinking positive and changing the way your think awakens all of your sensations, including physical pleasure. Applying positive thinking to your relationships can heighten your sex life, in part because you will feel- and therefore be- more attractive. Beauty truly comes from within, and the transformative power of positive thinking will make you more desirable than an airbrushed supermodel.

Stronger bonds: Changing the way your think and even thinking positive brings you closer to humanity. You will develop a powerful sense of empathy that will allow you to see things from alternative points of view, including the eyes of other people. (This perceptual positioning and you can experience this in an NLP Mind Coaching Session) Empathy not only lets you forgive mistakes; it also makes you a better friend and confidante: the type of person everyone loves to be around. You will soon discover that there is plenty of you to go around.

Less stress: Relationships can take a toll on us. It is often quite a strain to keep relationships alive; you must invest time and energy in cultivating and maintaining each one of them. However, the power of changing your thinking and positive thinking not only frees you to unburden yourself of unhealthy relationships; it also allows you to be yourself under any circumstances, which lessens the typical strain most of us experience with relationships.

Changing your thinking, changing your Relationships, changing your Results.

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