Monday, January 4, 2010

Are You Missing this Skill in Business?

Whether an entrepreneur, executive or manager, to succeed in business today you need to be exceptional. You need to respond to challenges with the best possible response to attain the outcome you want. You need to be an expert communicator to influence and motivate your employees, awaken their potential and inspire them to greatness. You need full control over your mind and emotions to empower you to face any situation instead of leaving your responses to chance.

Leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who are exceptional have reached a level of personal mastery that sets them apart. They have gotten in contact with that inner executive and developed the ability to run their own brains so that they can choose the most appropriate responses to any situation, allowing them to attain the results they want.

But today, most of us are victims of stress and under a vast amount of pressure. We come to work with fears, worries and insecurities and when we face trying situations, we respond automatically with anger and frustration. On the surface we seem to have it together, but beneath a shining exterior there are a few dragons lurking. These dragons keep us from being exceptional… and how successful will a company without exceptional people be? To succeed in business executives, managers and entrepreneurs need to have reached a level of personal mastery so they can be all they can be and produce extraordinary results.

Imagine the leaders of a great company- if it is fear, worry, stress and old hurts that are driving her behaviour, how far will the company go? How effectively will she be able to motivate and inspire employees?

What is it that makes an exceptional leader or manager? World-class leaders demonstrate personal mastery. They are in charge or their thinking and in control of their responses. They respond with the most appropriate response and act with the end in mind. They choose a response that will guide them to the outcome they are seeking… and because of the level of personal mastery they have achieved, they usually get their outcome. They produce results and this gets noticed.

As we each go through life, we acquire habitual ways of thinking, feeling and responding. For the most part this is all the result of chance. Some of us end up with some really great mental and emotional habits. Others find themselves with the short straw, responding constantly in ways that make life tough. And we take this habitual ways of responding into the workplace.

The good news is that we can become the CEO of our own minds. We can begin to consciously redesign how we are, empowering ourselves with better choices for how to respond to the situations that arise. We can take control of our thinking and our emotions and empower ourselves to produce the results we want.

When we become the CEO of your own mind and begin to re-engineer yourself consciously, you will end up with something much better than what you would have ended up with by chance.

What good is a corporation without a CEO? Essentially this is how most of us have been living for the majority of our lives. We are on automatic. We respond to life out of outdated patterns and think and feel and act in ways that no longer serve us. This is a great way for You Inc. to go bankrupt.

You have four powers. First you have the power to think-the power to conceive, imagine, analyze and judge. You have the power to feel, to emote and enter various states, from joy and calm to anger and frustration. Next you have the power to express- the power to verbalize, speak and communicate. Finally you have the power to act- the ability to choose behaviours and act in the world. In order to be successful in any endeavour, all four of these powers must be aligned. If they are out of alignment you will produce results that you don’t want and wonder why. If you are not in control of these four powers but instead leave them to chance, how can you align them to produce the results you want.

Using systems like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and NLP Mind Coaching, you can develop the power of your own inner executive. You can take charge or your mental and emotional programming and redesign who you are. So who do you want to be? Become the engineer of who you are and create something better than you ended up with by chance.

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David Kynan