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How To Be Fearless - Mark J Holland NLP Life Coaching

I want to tell you a personal story about how I became fearless, how it gave me the POWER to talk to anyone and speak in front of crowds of 4 to 4,000 people. I am also going to share with you three things you can apply right now to break through your own fears!

As a small business owner myself and after helping change the mindset of so many small business owners and individuals, I realized we generally go through the same stuff. We experience the same fears, doubts and worries, and we also have the ability to overcome these things easily and rapidly.

How did I do it...

About 8 years ago I quit my full time job, you know the job with the steady income, room for a little growth, doing the same thing day in and day out. I wanted to motivate people, help create change, and help educate them so they can be do and have what they wanted. I started an online business selling training products for the real estate sales industry. It was my family background, my family owned real estate offices, so it gave me access to an industry that could benefit from the training we were offering.

I noticed a trend when agents bought the product, some would follow the advice to the letter, step by step and others would take what they thought would work and change the rest and guess what happened. The ones who followed the steps became the most successful, why because they followed a system. Success leaves clues and success in business requires a system of steps, and when you follow those steps, things start to work.

Now it was not an easy road to follow and things didn't quite go to plan and I was crippled with fear.

Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of having no money....

I was bringing all my current fears, into this new online business. You see I had to go out and find the business, me, no company brand, no huge marketing budget, just me. And I was pretending all these “fears” would go away.

The smallest thing like meeting a new person made me totally anxious, on the inside I felt sick, scared and was telling myself I am not good enough.

Then one day I met this guy, who is now a good friend tell me about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) he was my trainer in a small business training course I was in. He began to reveal easy and powerful tools and techniques to create rapid change inside my mind.

I learned two things that changed my life forever.

How to turn your worst fears into dust… and the number one reason why people give up on life, business and money they truly want and it is because of FEAR.

Let me explain what I mean

Have you ever seen other small business owners with less knowledge, less skill, and less talent than you make MORE money, have MORE free time, and have a BETTER lifestyle than you.

Why does this happen?… WHY I ask… WHY!!!??

It’s all because of a very misrepresented four-letter-word called FEAR.

or simply False Evidence Appearing Real!

Let’s face it. The ONLY reason a person with less skills, talent and knowledge then you could achieve MORE than you is simply because of YOUR FEAR! Your Fear of doing the things you NEED to do to Get What You Really Want.

Fear can steal Your Dreams

Fear may have caused you to tell yourself all sorts of stories of why you shouldn’t, can’t or won't achieve the life you really want.

So how can we destroy the thief who was stealing your dreams called fear?

We can start now and BECOME AWARE.

Stop and Think about what you truly want in life, now become aware of the fear that was stopping you from doing it.

Now face your fear. Look at it head on.

…And turn fear into your friend.

Let me explain.

When I feel fear, I don’t turn and run away from it… I stand head-on in front of it and say… “You’re not fear… No, you’re EXCITEMENT! I’ve been expecting you.”

It all starts when you wake up in the morning and say to yourself… Today is going be an excellent day for this small business owner.

Want to know something....there is a very fine line between fear and excitement.

Imagine how exciting it will be, having what you want! And start to build on that excitement with three powerful things you can do right NOW to become fearless!

Number 1. Visualization… Create a picture in your mind and focus on what you want. Why is visualization so powerful?

Because it’s been neurologically proven that your unconscious mind, does not know the difference between what is imagined and what is reality.

In other words, if you imagine yourself doing something, your brain is making neurological connections and thinks you’re really doing it.

This is Massive… and you should be getting a little’s why

The best way to remove fear of something is to get excited about doing it over and over again…drain the colour out of the picture you are making inside your mind, and imagine removing the feeling, like water draining away, let the feeling drain away. Now replace it with a feeling of excitement, fun, adventure, ecstasy!

And if when you visualize yourself doing something (inside your own mind) over the next 21 days, it will notice a new habit… Something you do every day… NO FEAR! as you imagine excitement, fun, adventure and ecstasy!

That’s exactly how I totally destroyed my fear of speaking in front of thousands of people. Imagining the event draining the old feelings I no longer wanted, draining the colour out and replacing the event (in my mind) with excitement, fun, adventure and ecstasy! Do this for about 5-10 minutes a day over 21 days and you will notice a massive change in your outcome.

Number 2. Take MASSIVE ACTION… When you learn powerful tools like this, don’t just think about how easy it will be, DO IT!

3. Go out and get a NLP Coach. An NLP Mind Coach can take you step-by-step with some really cool NLP tools and strategies on how to be FEARLESS so that you will never again let anything get in the way of your success.

If it wasn’t for my NLP coaching friend who helped me discover how to be fearless, and many other tools and techniques I now teach, I would still be where I was way back then.

Mark J Holland
NLP Mind Coaching

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