Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Leave Behind Stress and Overwhelm for Good and Take Powerful Control of Your Emotions and Your Life

Leave Behind Stress and Overwhelm for Good and Take Powerful Control of Your Emotions and Your Life Are you constantly stressed? Overwhelmed? Feel like it’s just too much?

Dear Reader,

If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to beat stress and overwhelm and take back control of your life, read on.

• Do you feel like there’s just way too much on your plate?
• Constantly feeling overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities?
• Do you feel like you’re more sensitive to stress than those around you?
• Do you feel like you just can’t handle it and maybe you don’t have what it takes?

If you’re looking for a way to beat stress and overwhelm and take back control of your life, read on.

Let me know if this sounds like you:

The simple truth is, you’re stressed! You’re overwhelmed. It’s as if all the pressures are looming above you and you don’t know what to do.

Each day you get up with a mass of things to do. Things pile up at work, there’s always more to do, and it’s like it never ends. It’s as if there’s just not enough hours in the day. You’re constantly worried about deadlines and the demands put on you.

The pressures you’re under are weighing down on you. The challenges and setbacks you face seem to crush you down. People problems take a toll on you and in the face of it all, you feel powerless. Sometimes you feel like you can’t handle it and maybe you don’t have what it takes. You want to take back control but it’s just too much… and it’s as if there is nothing you can do.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You Can Go From Stressed and Overwhelmed to Powerfully in Control of Your Emotions and Your Life

Stress is not something you have to live with. Constant stress and overwhelm is something that can be resolved, and faster than you think. Using a cutting-edge coaching methodology with solid track record of producing rapid results, you can turn your stress and overwhelm into the confidence, focus and power you need to get things done effectively and efficiently.

But If you’ve got doubts, and I don’t blame you. It’s because we live in a world that teaches us that stress is part of life. We have to cope with it, manage it, reduce it and relieve it. Stress is a fact of life.

But it’s not true!

Humans were not designed to live in today’s world… and so the way we respond to “stressors” is completely inappropriate and ineffective. To be effective in today’s world, we need to unlearn our outdated and habitual responses and replace them with new ones that will enable us to get things done with confidence and power.

On top of that, stress is not a thing, it is a process. Stress can’t happen without your participation. Stress management means waiting until it’s too late. Instead of coping with stress, what you need to do is cope powerfully with what you have to get done in the world

What if you could stop stressing yourself out, become powerfully effective and impressively productive?

Imagine being able to:

Remain calm and confident no matter what!
■Get things done quickly and effectively, on time every time
Organize your mind and life so you’re always in control
Turn paralysis into action so you change your to-do’s into powerful results
■Discover the real problem and eliminate it, so you get up each day with unstoppable Confidence
■Free yourself of unnecessary worry and doubt and be someone who makes things happen
I will help you figure out how you stress yourself out and stop it for good. Imagine remaining calm and resourceful no matter what. How much more effective would you be? How much more would you enjoy your work and your life?

What Makes Mark J Holland Different?

Not all coaching is made the same. Most coaches tell you what to do, help you plan and strategize and give you advice. Not Mark. Mark works with you to understand how your problem works, what the real cause is and how we can make the changes you want easily and quickly.

You won’t find any other coach on the Gold Coast, Australia like Mark J Holland. He is the only coach on the Gold Coast who guarantee results, and done faster than anyone.

Request Your FREE “Test Drive” Coaching Session.

If you’re ready to put an end to the overwhelm, Mark J Holland wants to help. Request Your FREE “Test Drive” Coaching Session to find out what can be done for you. Simply email with a brief explanation of what you would like to accomplish and Mark J Holland will contact you ASAP. But only if you are ready to leave behind your worries and get in the game of life.

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