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How to Harness Unstoppable Motivation For Your Small Business

I was a very social kind of kid when I was growing up. I would rather have a chat than get work done. I laugh about it now as I read my little girls report card the other day and it said “she is quite sociable and known to get a little off track while taking others with her.” Sounds a little familiar to me, when I went to school they said it like it was “ Mark is a little over talkative in class and needs to focus on the job at hand” I enjoy talking, well everyone in my family enjoys talking.

Talking in our family has always come naturally and it was always open to conversation when we had something on our mind. There is one thing I have always done really well in life and that is to keep motivated.

Some of my favourite books on the topic of motivation, mindset and success are…

- “Awaken the Giant Within”, by Tony Robbins

- “Psycho-Cybernetics”, by Maxwell Maltz.

- “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie

We can learn to remove our limitations based on our perceived limits or perceived limitations, we need to get out of the box we build for ourself and make our life happen like we want it.

One of my favourite strategies for motivation is creating a mental movie of my ideal future.

Whenever I wake up in the morning, one of my favourite mental movie s is seeing all the clients I transform every week, and the strategies to make it happen while spending little or no money.

I have a bunch of great mental movie s that I run through my mind as I go to sleep and when I’m lying in bed in the morning.

For starters these mental movies encompassing all my favourite scenarios around my business, life, and whatever else is important to me.

I just run through them each day slipping into and out of consciousness.

As Psycho Cybernetics mentions, the time when your un-conscious is most susceptible to influence is when you are slipping into and out of consciousness. First thing in the morning and just before going to sleep.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this happening yourself. You are dog tired and your sitting on the lounge and you drift off and you're thinking about some weird scenario your in, maybe turning up at work naked and nobody notices expect you, waiting for someone to notice at any second.

Or you maybe watching a tv show and you drift off to sleep and all of a sudden you are in the show. You are one of the characters, I had this happen recently, I was watching a medical show and as I drifted off to sleep I became the doctor, helping all these patients in the show. Funny enough it was were the idea came from to take on therapy clients as well as business clients.

Imagine being able to use this creative part of our mind to solve issues, find solutions and engage the reality we want in life.

A recent client of mine began to visualise particular results he was after for his business. Imagining the solutions, expecting answers to challenges and visualizing where he wanted the business to go. He did this for about two weeks. He would think about a certain issues he was having in his business then he would expect an answer for this issue when he got out of bed the next morning. The really cool part of this little technique, was his partner noticed an increase in focus and results.

A study was done, on the effects of mental rehearsal for improving skill in sinking basketball free throws.

The first group would practice for 20 minutes a day on the free throws.

The second group did nothing for 20 days

The third group did no training other than visualising their free throws perfectly every time.

At the end of the study the first and third groups had the exact same improvement record, about 24%, while the 2nd group has no improvement to show.

Your brain is a powerful thing, your brain cannot tell the difference between mental rehearsal, and things that actually happen relating to your nervous system and your memory perspective.

You need to start building your experience through mental rehearsal, meaning you can build your experience through regularly imagining the events happening in your mind.

Imagine how fast you could improve your results with mental rehearsal.

Start to build experiences of positive and successful stories, building a new sense of confidence for future small business ventures.

This could be used for personal enhancement in sports, business and general life. The is no limit to what you can achieve with mental rehearsal.

Step into a new belief that “there is no failure only feedback”, and follow your passion expecting the results you want, while learning from the feedback along the way. You have what it takes to make it happen, and the information is available to learn and take what you are doing to the next level. Keep moving forward and enjoy the journey.

I want to tell you about my results:

If I would of stopped after 12 months into my coaching business, I would have missed a bucket load of clients. When I got clear of who my client was, the clients were easier to find. I have to admit when I first started my coaching business we struggled big time. I didn't have any marketing experience, I had no money to advertise, I only had me, and I never give up.

I was always doing something to find and source new clients.

Leave a comment on how you have used mental rehearsal to achieve something.

Mark J Holland
NLP Life Coaching

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