Friday, February 25, 2011

How Can NLP Life Coaching Australia Help Me Hire The Right Person for the Job?

Recruitment is entirely a ‘people business’ so in many ways the applications of NLP Life Coaching are identical to those for Sales. The key difference is in interviewing and selecting candidates.
One of the main activities of a recruitment consultant that many find difficult, and makes the difference between success and failure, is cold calling. Typically, a recuiter will allocate a block of time each day to make sales calls and NLP Life Coaching can help in a number of very practical ways. I’ve personally worked with a number of recruiters and sales people in this area, and the same pattern of behaviour comes up time and time again. Typically, the pattern is for the recruiter or salesperson to unconsciously set an outcome that makes the call difficult. The recruiter responds to that outcome as if it is real and their state shifts accordingly. When they call potential clients, that state is communicated in their voice tone and the outcome becomes the client’s response. It can take about 10 minutes to change this, and the results are immediate and dramatic for the recruiter. Clearly, every case is different so get in touch if you’d like to know more, or experience this yourself.
There are many different types of recruitment companies, from agencies to executive search and from specialist technical to general. In all of these companies, the goal in selecting candidates is the same – find the candidate who fits the job so that the recruiter is able to quickly convert vacancies into placements. Some recruiters try to put as many candidates in front of the client as possible – they tend not to last long as the client hires the recruiter to save them time, not use up more of it. Recruitment is a time consuming, costly process for businesses and once you’ve found the right person, you need to make sure they stay there.
NLP Life Coaching has two particularly useful tools for interviewing. The Meta Model is a structure of language that allows the interviewer to recover lost information from the client or candidate. This enables the recruiter to create a much more specific brief for a candidate, and it also enables the recruiter to find out much more information from candidates than they might think they’re giving away.
In using the Meta Model to clarify the brief, the recruiter is also modelling the client’s strategy for making a decision. When the candidates’ CVs are presented to the client, the recruiter can then present the information in such a way that the client immediately has the information they need, structured in the way that they normally make decisions. By modelling the client’s unconscious thought processes, it often seems that the recruiter is reading the client’s mind – creating a much closer working relationship.
The second tool worth noting is Meta-programs, the building blocks of behavioural structure. Meta-programs are measures of the behavioural choices that an individual will make in a given situation. Meta-programs can be used like a psychometric tool to profile candidates who are mentally ‘wired up’ to excel in a certain type of job. The advantage of NLP Meta-programs is that they are based on language structure and so can be elicited during a normal conversation. You can profile the client’s brief for a role and then turn that brief into a meta-program profile that you can then elicit conversationally from potential candidates, using questions like “How do you know when you’re doing a good job?” and “What’s the right way to do your job?”
In a study of high performing recruiters, we found that they are quickly able to associate a candidate into what they call ‘interview mode’ so that they can get to know how the candidate will perform in the interview with the client. Perhaps equally as useful is the ability to get the candidate into the state they’ll be in when they’re performing the job so that Meta-programs can be elicited in the right context.
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