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6 Things you should know about NLP Life Coaching - NLP Coaching Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide

NLP Life Coaching is about Change
NLP Life Coaching Australia is about supporting change within the individual, change in their behaviours and change in the way they relate to themselves and others.

NLP Life Coaching is about 'excellence'
NLP Life Coaching Australia is the study of excellence and 'modelling' it. If one person can do something, find out about HOW they do WHAT they do could dramatically improve results in others. When we study excellence we are modelling communication patterns, behavioural responses and thought process, insights into effective and affective behaviours can be gained.

NLP Life Coaching is Solutions Focussed
NLP Life coaching Australia is not about the historical causes of a particular challenge or behaviour, it is about the current responses to it and the changes that can be made to reach a more desirable outcome.

NLP Life Coaching is about questioning
The "Meta Model” is a framework which is used to connect what is being said by a person to the deeper meanings or truths not stated and the implied values and belief systems. What we say is a short hand version of what we could say or might want to say, feel or would like to feel, think or might want to think. An experienced NLP life coach will ask a series of questions, some playful some provoking a lot of thought in order to connect the 'words' with the 'internal experience'. In doing so the individual can explore the choices they make and the behaviours they adopt.

NLP Life Coaching is Holistic
NLP Life Coaching Australia considers the link between Mind and Body; Emotions and Experience; Behaviours and Values. As such it recognises the importance of an individual’s belief system. As an approach it will support the individual in questioning any limiting beliefs, behaviours and attitudes and defining empowering beliefs, values and attitudes.

NLP Life Coaching is generative
NLP Life Coaching Australia is always about creating choices and exploring those choices. There is the fundamental belief that the person with the greatest behavioural flexibility will perform better in a range of tasks, challenges and situations.

NLP Life Coaching in the therapeutic context can help support people who have a range of behavioural challenges - these would include issues surrounding habits, phobias, self-confidence, inter-personal communication skills, dealing with emotions (anger management) and so on.

NLP Life Coaching in the coaching context can support individuals, teams and organisations in managing and inspiring change. It helps define targets and goals and the behaviours required to meet those targets and goals.

NLP Life Coaching in the educational context is about teaching, learning, memory and thinking. It is about being able to ask questions, motivate learners and define outcomes.

NLP Life Coaching in the business context is about communicating values, messages and ideas to others in effective, relevant ways.

NLP Life Coaching is an attitude to life - a way of thinking about the world which encourages reflection, focus and action.

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NLP Coaching Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide 

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