Friday, March 11, 2011

How NLP Life Coaching Australia Develops Outstanding Leaders

Leaders have a number of qualities that can be developed using NLP Life Coaching Australia. In fact, many studies of leadership have been undertaken using NLP Life Coaching Australia as a modelling toolkit. Robert Dilts is probably the person best known for doing this.

Leaders have at least these qualities in common:
  • The ability to create a compelling vision of the future
  • The ability to communicate that vision so that other people act on it
  • The ability to communicate in a powerful and congruent way – charismatically
  • The ability to set compelling and demanding goals
  • An understanding of people and how to motivate them
When a quality like “leadership” is broken down into specific behaviours, you can easily see how those behaviours map onto the tools of NLP Life Coaching Australia. Many people believe that leaders are born, and cannot be bred. Certainly, some people’s upbringings seem to give them these qualities, but with NLP Life Coaching Australia any behavioural skills can be modelled and learned.
You may be thinking that leadership (or artistry, or compassion) is more than just a set of behaviours. In fact, everything you do is ‘just’ behaviour – your actions are the only way that other people can learn about you. Every memory, thought and idea that is in your head got there through your five senses. Your definitions of leadership, professionalism, love or honesty are all representations of other people’s behaviour. Since we can use the Meta model to specific the behavioural profile of any skill, we can also teach that skill to anyone.

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