Friday, March 4, 2011

What Makes NLP Business Coaching Different from Standard Business Coaching?

Coaching is an obvious and popular choice for people trained in NLP business Coaching. It’s easy to see how NLP Business Coaching tools and techniques translate easily into personal coaching, and that’s only a step away from business coaching.
NLP Business coaching is different to other forms coaching frameworks in at least two major ways; firstly, NLP Business Coaching does not offer a prescriptive framework and is based solely on the client’s own resources and ambitions. Secondly, the NLP modelling technology makes it very easy to develop behavioural skills to a high degree of performance. This makes NLP business coaching ideally suited for sports, sales, recruitment and other jobs that have specific behavioural patterns that underpin success.
Since NLP business coaching comprises tools for personal change, a NLP business coach is able to help a client make changes that are not achievable with other forms of coaching. For example, you can either spend hours with non directive questioning to arrive at an insight or you can go straight there and make a belief change with NLP business coaching. Some coaches would say that the non directive approach is best because the client got there in their own time, and I would say that coaches who say that charge by the hour.
You can imagine how NLP business coaching can help a golfer to make a perfect swing every time, or a tennis player to maintain a peak state throughout the game. In sales, how would it help to be able to map out your customer’s unconscious decision process and use it to help them to buy? In recruitment, how would it help to maintain a highly focussed state throughout a day’s sales calls?
Many coaching schools and methodologies prescribe a strict formula or process for coaching. With NLP business coaching, the process is simply this:
  1. Find out what the client wants to achieve
  2. Remove the barriers to their success
  3. Get out of the way
So, if you’re the kind of professional person who already has clear goals and a wealth of experience and knowledge, then those prescriptive frameworks can seem very limited. The NLP business coaching approach can help you to remove the one or two obstacles that stand in the way of runaway success.
If there’s one tool in NLP business coaching that can really help you to coach effectively, it’s the Meta model. When a client is talking through a situation where they’re not getting the results they want, all you need to do is ask the right questions. The client will do 99% of the work themselves if you are able to ask the client questions that give them the insight they need.
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