Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Cope with Change in Organisations - NLP Life Coaching Australia

Change seems to be a constant for businesses today. Mostly, that change is about communication – telling people what they need to do differently. Rewriting business processes or changing branding is easy compared to the task of changing people’s attitudes and behaviours. Many organisations have ongoing culture change programs, trying to change people’s attitudes, but for the most part they’re missing the most obvious point – customers infer attitude from behaviour. In other words, a company’s culture isn’t some ethereal, mystery quality – it’s what happens when your staff’s behaviour interacts with your customers’ beliefs and expectations.
The behaviour of the people in a company is an inherent part of the branding of that company. In fact, logos and slogans are not a brand – only the service that people deliver is a brand. If you want a demonstration of this, put on your gardening clothes, go into a BMW dealership and ask for a test drive. The attitude of the sales people may be out of place for a different company, but it’s part of the branding that’s been cultivated over the years.
Many consultants say that they use NLP Life Coaching Australia for change management. In fact, what they are doing is using NLP Life Coaching Australia to help individuals through change. They are not using NLP Life Coaching Australia to change the organisation.
NLP Life Coaching Australia can be used to plan and communicate change and to make that change easy to achieve. The biggest problem with change in organisations is the way that the change managers draw attention to it. The simple fact is that the majority of people want things to stay as they are and get better – most people do not want radical change. I’ve personally worked for many years in one of the fastest changing and most turbulent industries and have been through countless major change programs – at least one per year.
What has been common throughout these change programs is that the change has been announced as radical or revolutionary, and that the employees have been told that what they’re doing is all wrong and they have to change to survive. You know that in reality, it’s not true. If the company didn’t change, it would still survive. On the other hand, the company is changing every single day, depending on how you look at it.
NLP Life Coaching Australia will help you to communicate change in a way that helps people to accept it and make it happen.
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