Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How What You Focus on, Affirms Your Future! - NLP Life Coaching Australia

Isn't it true that everyone experiences negative thoughts.

Everyone is exposed to situations every day that are dis-empowering . Have you ever experienced doubt about your abilities personally, socially or even professionally, uncertainty about your future or questions like "am I really good enough?".

Whether it’s in the news, the music you hear, advertising your exposed too, or simply the people you spend time with, we can be bombarded daily with negative messages like "There’s nothing I can do", "Bad things happen", "Nobody cares anymore" and "You don't always get what you want". This type of exposure convinces us that failure is usual, you should be afraid, be careful, hold back and don’t play hard because…you’ll probably fail…so why even try?

Earl Nightingale coined the phrase, "We become what we think about" and "Our thoughts create our habits, our habits produce our results." It's  been reported that 98% of human behavior is based on habits. Habits are the result of mental programing or basically our routine thoughts that run continuously in our minds. Advertisers use this to their advantage and spend millions of dollars figuring out ways to change our buying habits and impulses. Day after day you make decisions that either move you closer to your goals and dreams or further away.

It was Zig Ziglar who once asked the question, "Would you ever allow someone to empty a full garbage can into your living room? Of course not! Then why would you allow someone to dump garbage on your mind?" How often do you allow people to empty garbage into your mental living room? Isn’t it interesting how much energy we spend protecting our home… and yet, we spend almost no energy protecting our minds.

The Soviet Government commissioned several scientists back in the late 1950's to discover a method of learning that would give the Russian Children an advantage in human development. And they figured thier children were smarter then other children around the world, communism would have stronger influence.

Imagine using this same technology and effectively imputting positive messages into our minds using the same power. This Audio Affirmation program will help trasform your current thought process.  The more you expose yourself to positive influences, the better chances you have in transforming your life into the way you once dreamed.  You can acheive whatever you want, you can make things happen in your life, take the Affirmations Test, and see your life transform before your eyes.

Give your thoughts the Power to Succeed!

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Yes I want to Change my Focus and Affirm My Future!

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