Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is the most requested thing from you the NLP Community...

Hi this is Mark J Holland Here, NLP Mind Coach,

Recently we sent out a questionnaire and asked you,
the NLP LIFE Training community what you wanted most...

With easily the most popular result, an astounding 51.5%
of you requested...

"Watch Richard Bandler work with Clients who require help
with Motivation, better health, creativity, confidence &
habit changing"

The best part is we have video of Richard working with
clients 'live' in these exact areas

Click Here and See Richard Bandler working 'Live' with clients


Richard then explains how he did each technique and why he
did it that way... so you can learn by observing, and also
by his detailed explanations.

We've also been able to organise a Free Book and DVD. We
are calling it 'The Bandler Effect Pack'

We feel that you will really get a lot of this series.


Mark J Holland
NLP Mind Coach

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