Friday, February 18, 2011

How Can I use NLP Life Coaching Australia in My Sales Process?

As you may or may not be aware sales are a very competitive profession, salespeople must find ways to improve their sales techniques in order to stay ahead of the competition. NLP Life Coaching can be used as an “Invisible Sales Process” where you can discover useful tactics in the application of your sales process. Let’s relate the NLP Life Coaching “Invisible Sales Process” as follows.

Invisible Sales Process Building Rapport
Rapport is a process of building a sustainable relationship of mutual understanding, harmony and trust. This is a way you open your relationship with your clients. It is a way to build confidence in your client as they begin to know like and trust you.
When you first introduce yourself and your product or service to the client, listen to what they say, be aware of how they are communicating with you.  Are they using lots of visual words, auditory words or feelings? Share a success story that relates to your client, this way you gain trust and credibility. Focus on the clients needs and you will continue to build confidence in your client to do business with you.
Invisible Sales Process - Relate Your Emotions
Salespeople like yourself experience different types of emotions from your past, especially negative ones. Maybe you had experience of rejection from the job you applied for or uncomfortable with a past sales situation.  In the sales industry a common issue is “desperation”. Salespeople can project being desperate in terms of not making sales or you not meeting your targets. How do you overcome all of this? What is your tool to manage this?
NLP Life Coaching can help you manage your emotional problems. And understanding NLP life coaching is also your tool in approaching your costumer. You have the power of controlling the emotions of your clients. Perhaps you will bring your client to an excited and motivated state that may lead to buying your product or service. You can also increase your relationship with your costumer by understanding how they communicate internally and externally, where you can understand what is going on beneath the surface.
Invisible Sales Process - Understanding Your Costumers
When you can examine your client’s behaviour at a deeper level of understanding, you can uncover their personality, interest, beliefs, values and strategies. It will give you more benefit if you understand how your customer thinks and processes information. You can reveal your costumer’s satisfaction at a deeper level. You can link your product or service to your costumer’s needs if you know them better.
Invisible Sales Process – Modelling
We can use this method of modelling as a good approach in terms of opening a relationship with your client. You can talk about the successful person who used your product or service before. This will inspire and give a better idea to your costumer when they purchase your product or service. You can use this method at the beginning of your conversation or at the time when you opening the relationship (or old school terminology “closing the sale”) with them.
Invisible Sales Process - Give Ideas
NLP Life Coaching is useful when approaching your costumer. The product or service you are selling may sound new or there are features that are not familiar to them. This will be a big chance that you will attract your costumer to use your product or service. But this all depend on how you relate your product or service to their personal needs. If you demonstrate your product or service well, your customer will have the confidence and eagerness to use your product or service.
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