Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Reduce Stress with NLP Life Coaching Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide

Practical ways in which you can reduce stress and anxiety, without recourse to drugs or other expensive and time consuming treatments

NLP Life Coaching teaches you how to change your unwanted actions into excellent actions and behaviours, so instead of feeling anxious about having to lead the client presentation and how you might mess this up, your behaviour would be to feel excited and motivated about how well you will be able to lead the client presentation.

NLP Life Coaching Australia is formed around the concept that all behaviour is rooted in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the bit of the brain that is always functioning, and runs all our necessary programmes, even though we are not aware of this, like making sure we keep breathing when we are sleeping.

The unconscious mind stores all our memories, processes all our experiences, filters everything we feel, hear, see, taste and smell, and it attaches emotion to everything we do.

NLP life coaching shows us how to access our unconscious minds, and also provides techniques for making changes at the unconscious level. Because all learning behaviour and change is unconscious, it is easier, faster and more permanent.

Consider this example – Recently I was out with some family friends on a picnic and a large bat flew out of a nearby cave.  My friend’s wife grabbed her daughter and screamed with horror. The Daughter instantly picked up on her fear and started crying.  The bat was harmless and was only startled by all the noise.  My mate, tried to show his daughter the bat was harmless, but the daughter was terrified, even though the bat had not attacked anyone.  The Daughter had learned, in an instant, to be afraid of bats. 

Anxiety is a learnt behaviour. The brain does not differentiate between a wanted or unwanted behaviour. It just does things to get results. So, where you have learnt to feel anxious in a situation, you can unlearn that too.

You can also learn positive behaviours instantly. If you change the style of the way you dress and everyone tells you how great your new look is, you automatically start wearing more of that style.

Every time you have a moment of realisation like this, your brain makes a new connection and you are learning.

And it is in this ability to use NLP life coaching techniques to unlearn unwanted behaviour, and learn desired behaviour, that one solution to anxiety lays.

Mark J Holland is a professional NLP Life Coach who teaches NLP Life Coaching tools and techniques for practical use in life.  For more information about NLP Life Coaching visit

NLP Coaching Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Australia 

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