Friday, March 25, 2011

How can NLP Life Coaching Australia be used for Training and Development?

Training is an obvious application area for NLP Life Coaching Australia.

As a communication model, NLP Life coaching Australia encompasses many of the aspects of ‘Accelerated Learning’ in its various forms. Keeping learners in an optimal learning state, presenting information using all sensory channels, layering communication with language patterns and using timeline techniques to translate learning to the workplace are all easily achievable with NLP Life Coaching Australia.
You can also use Well Formed Outcomes to set learning objectives, helping learners to get the most out of the time spent training, and helping you to get the maximum return on your training investment.
On traditional corporate training courses such as time management or presentation skills, delegates are often ‘sent’ which is a good way to tell them that they’re bad at whatever the course is about. The trainer will be lucky if those people are in a receptive learning state for 10% of the time, so it’s no surprise that many trainers say “if you learn just one thing today then I’ve done a good job”.
As humans, learning is the thing we do best. Some corporate training managers seem to think that people don’t want to learn and that new information must be force fed. The reality is that using NLP Life Coaching Austrlia in training makes it a more useful, rewarding and engaging activity for everyone.
At the beginning, it’s important to get learners into a resourceful learning state and to focus them on specific learning outcomes. You can explicitly use the Well Formed Outcomes process with them, or you can create a pre-course questionnaire using the language of outcomes. Asking questions that direct the reader to specific outcomes is an extremely powerful way of influencing their state.
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