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NLP Life Coaching for Weight Watchers - NLP Life Coaching Australia

It seems that there are a large number of fat magnet supplements and pills that are out there in the market promoting "natural" and "organic" weight loss. However, this is still pretty unnatural, if you think about it. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is probably the best "organic" method because it focuses on your habit rather than having to take in additional supplements. This is because Neurolinguistic Programming advocates that we can change our mental associations.

Let's consider an NLP life coaching technique to handle food consumption issues.
The NLP life coaching technique to controlling food consumption is simple. Since we let eating go on autopilot without much thinking, we can find a way to stop all of our senses being focused on that one single stimulus - the food. You smell it and that generates internal visual and auditory imagery which triggers of the sensation that you want to eat it.

Because this is so automatic, it often causes people to just react rather than to stop and consider if they want it. Worse, if the smell or sight of the food triggers off cravings, then these autopilot mechanisms will not be checked. You just keep eating until you stop from being full. This isn't really the best way to stop a craving.

Since the trigger is so strong, the NLP Life coaching technique known as the Swish Pattern is a way to eliminate this (this is one of many NLP life coaching techniques available for you to use). When you crave for something, you have a mental image in your mind. This image contains several variables including the quality of the image (it probably is pretty clear and compelling) and the sound associated with this image (you probably hear yourself say something like "yum!")

Identifying this image is crucial because it is the first step to the associative process.
The next step is to identify a feeling (a resource state) that will disconnect your natural craving. A resource state such as disgust often works very well. For instance, thinking of your favourite food then mixing it up with something you think is absolutely disgusting to taste will stop you from the automatic reaction.

Repeat this several times by clearing your mind, then thinking of the food you crave for, then adding the elements of disgust. Make sure you have a full sensory and imaginary taste of the food mixed in with all the disgusting stuff (gulp - yes you have to imagine really doing this). Then, clear your mind. After a few times, you will realize that when you think of the original trigger image, instead of going on autopilot, you will actually stop and think whether you really want it.

The resource state need not just be a sensory reaction of disgust. It could be an emotive reaction of disgust, such as someone being disgusted "at" you. This will work well if you know the NLP life coaching techniques involved with values clarification.

There are several criteria for this step to work. First, you need to want this change. Some people just do not want the change badly enough for this strategy to work because there is a positive payoff for the overeating behaviour. Second, you must have the appropriate skills to change. If you don't, I'd recommend a coach who knows the range of NLP life coaching techniques that can help you. Remember, it is not the NLP life coaching  technique alone that works. It's the complementing of the technique with the person who needs the change that matters more. Third, there must be a real positive benefit of you ceasing your eating habit. For instance, you might grow slimmer or have less health problems in the future.

Overall, NLP life coaching techniques work powerfully because they were modelled after people who had used the process. Remember that such processes can be modified to suit different individuals in different circumstances.

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