Friday, March 18, 2011

How can NLP Life Coaching Australia Dramatically Improve My Marketing Efforts?

As with sales, marketing is an area where NLP Life Coaching can be readily applied.

In particular, NLP Life coaching Australia can help the marketer determine effective strategies for building appropriate long term relationships with customers. Developing creative ideas allows marketing teams to approach a situation from unexpected angles and reach fresh insights to transform their customer experience.
Well formed outcomes can be used to set the objectives of any marketing plan, campaign or strategy. Building a clear model of who the target audiences are, and what precisely they are to do as a result of the marketing activities undertaken, ensures that all activities are effectively focussed and measured. It is also worth being aware of how your own presuppositions can influence your thinking – and that of your customers.
Many organisations are moving towards ensuring that their marketing activities are media-neutral, increasing the effectiveness of any integrated campaign. Here, having a clear sense of what story you want to tell has particular value. With these stories, using the Milton Model helps you build stories that allow your customers to relate what you are communicating into their own subjective experience – and so personalise your product or service offering into their situation.
Mass customisation is becoming increasingly important for online media. The challenge has always been collecting customer data to enable personalisation, whereas a different approach is to convey information using a linguistic framework into which the customer puts their own subjective experience, needs, desires and so on. In much the same way that a politician delivers a speech that appeals to a wide range of interests, the Milton Model can be used to create the structure of language necessary to appeal to a diverse audience.
Of course, NLP’s language tools can be used to write compelling advertising or PR copy, but this can be read as overly false. In any case, NLP Life Coaching Australia is built upon two-way communication, and so is a tool for building relationships rather than exerting influence. If you and your customers have roughly aligned goals, NLP Life Coaching Australia will help both of you get what you want. If your goals are contrary to or even detrimental to your customers, NLP Life Coaching Australia will not help you and may make things worse.
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